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 Plumbing Terms and Definitions

Ball Valve - A valve that uses a ball to seal against the seat.

Brass Fittings - A plumbing fitting made of brass.   View List

CO - Cleanout

Cock - A faucet or valve for regulating the flow of water.

Copper Fitting - A plumbing fitting made of copper.   View List

Coupling - Vent pipe hood, which protects it from the elements.

DWV - Drainage, waste, and vent systems, which remove wastewater. Not for drinking water.

FIP - Female Iron Pipe connection. Standard internal threads on pipe fittings.

Galvanized Fittings - A plumbing fitting made of galvanized metal.    View List

IPS (Iron Pipe Size) (OD) - Same as NPS. Standard pipe threads. Also Internal Pipe Swivel connection (female)

OD - Outside diameter    View Nominal to OD Equivalence

MIP - Male Iron Pipe Connection. Standard external threads on pipe and fittings.

Nipple (Pipe Nipple) - A short length of pipe installed between couplings or other fittings

Nominal - Usually refers to the Inside diameter of trade sizes of copper pipe and some CPVC pipes. Not for Iron Pipe connections. For example, a " NOM Comp. Fitting is actually 5/8" because " pipe has an OD of 5/8".

   View Nominal to OD Equivalence

NPS - National Pipe Straight threads standard, Same as IPS

PEX - Cross-linked polyethylene. PEX tubing is commonly used for hydronic radiant floor heat, but increasingly also used for water supply lines. Stronger than PE.

Plumbing Fitting - The component in a plumbing system that connects two or more pieces of pipe together.

PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride. A plastic plumbing material used primarily for yard service pipe, outdoor irrigation systems or interior drain, waste and vent systems. This material is typically white or black.

Reducing - A fitting that connects pipes of different sizes together.

Sillcock - Hose bib

Union - Three piece fitting that joins two sections of pipe, but allows them to be disconnected without cutting the pipe. Used primarily with steel pipe; never in a DWV system.

Valve - A device used for turning the water supply on and off. Often referred to as "stops."    View List

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