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We now carry lead free fittings: Lead Free Valves, Lead Free Brass Fittings,
Lead Free Brass Pipe Nipples, Lead Free Pex Fittings and Lead Free Pushfit Fittings!
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 Brass Pipe Nipples, Brass Plumbing Nipples, Brass Nipple

Choose a brass pipe nipple product below to view sizes and prices!
Need a brass pipe nipple size not listed? Contact customer service for price and availability on all our brass pipe nipples or any of our other plumbing supplies/parts.
1/8" x Length 1-1/4" x Length
1/4" x Length 1-1/2" x Length
3/8" x Length 2" x Length
1/2" x Length 2-1/2" x Length
3/4" x Length 3" x Length
1" x Length 4" x Length

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