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Due to increased shipping costs overall, we will be changing our shipping fees and policy to determine more accurate shipping fees associated with each individual order. A new shipping/handling charge of 10.5% of the total price of the order goes into effect 10/10/2015

However, we would like to offer free shipping to any order over $500.00 through 10/9. This will be a limited time special only going to the end of the following Friday, and then the new shipping charges will be introduced. For the duration of this special, all orders will still receive the $8.95 flat rate fee until the new charges start applying. This is something we unfortunately have to change due to the increased shipping costs from our carriers.
We now carry lead free fittings: Lead Free Valves, Lead Free Brass Fittings,
Lead Free Brass Pipe Nipples, Lead Free Pex Fittings and Lead Free Pushfit Fittings!
Copper Fittings DWV Fittings Valves Brass Fittings Brass Pipe Nipples Black Malleable Fittings Black Pipe Nipples Galvanized Fittings Galvanized Pipe Nipples Pex Fittings Pushfit Fittings Grease Traps Water Heaters View Store Cart Water Heaters Everyday Low Prices Right Here at Plumbing Fittings Direct!
We sell plumbing supplies, plumbing fittings, pipe fittings at wholesale prices.
Copper Pressure Fittings - Including Adapters, Bushings, Caps, Couplings, Elbows, Flanges, P-Traps, Tees, and Unions PEX Fittings - Including Adapters, Ball Valves, Bushings, Couplings, Elbows, Pex X Compression, Plugs, Tees, Wall Hydrants Grease Traps - Including Canplas, Endura, Poly Brass Fittings - Including Bushings, Caps, Couplings, Crosses, Elbows, Flanges, Plugs, Tees, and Unions Valves - Ball Valves, Bronze Check Valves, Gate Valves, Vacuum Breakers Pushfit Fittings - Including Adapters, Caps, Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Tools, Valves Galvanized Fittings - Including Bushings, Caps, Couplings, Crosses, Elbows, Flanges, Plugs, Tees, and Unions Copper DWV Fittings - Including Adapters, Clean Outs, Couplings, Elbows, Fitting Reducers, P-Traps, TY, WYE Black Malleable Fittings - Including Bushings, Caps, Couplings, Crosses, Elbows, Flanges, Plugs, Tees, and Unions Black Pipe Nipples - We have in multiple sizes Brass Pipe Nipples - We have in multiple sizes Galvanized Pipe Nipples - We have in multiple sizes
Welcome to Plumbing Fittings Direct! We are your one stop shop for your plumbing supplies and pipe fittings at below market prices.  Our lines include copper fittings, dwv fittings, plumbing valves, brass fittings, brass pipe nipples, black fittings, black pipe nipples, galvanized fittings, galvanized pipe nipples, pex fittings, pushfit fittings, grease traps, water heaters and our lead free fittings.

These include: lead free valves, lead free brass fittings, lead free pipe nipples, lead free pex fittings and lead free pushfit fittings!
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